LEON – light that is stronger than bacteria

Leon is a smart quartz lamp. It cleans your house with UV-light, protecting you from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms

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Time to increase the hygiene level at home

LEON smart quartz UV-lamp cleans your flat and removes microorganisms causing illnesses, allergy and intoxication. It’s an indispensable device during flu epidemic and can be used for preventive measures at home and in public facilities. LEON disinfects your flat and removes microorganisms brought by you or your pets. It’s more efficient than most common supplies for usual cleaning. Safety PRO technology provides convenient and safe UV-light usage in the daily lives. That is why UV-light is an indispensable household assistant that helps you staying healthy, and LEON is the first smart lamp that cares about you.

Health safety via smartphone

Your family can fell full safety from pathogenic microorganisms at home, no matter what is happening in the world or how many contacts with other people you or your guests made during the day. Leon also protect you from contact with ultraviolet light with the help of sensors. It’s totally mobile, and can provide up to 10 full sessions on one battery charge. It makes possible to hygiene clean any space in your house, independently from distance to power supply. Wirelessness helps always keep Leon in the middle of the room, so you can start cleaning session even if you are far from home. Ozone-free lamp type makes possible to clean even non ventilated space, as it is doesn’t create any smell (ozone free).

  • Quartz session self-calculation
  • Emergency Power Off system
  • Portability
  • Odorless /ozone free
  • Work time:

    up to 10 sessions on one battery charge;

  • Charging time:

    3 hours;

  • Average session time:

    40 min;

  • Size: 

    15*15*43 cm;

  • Weight:

    2,5 kilos;

  • Spectrum / Wavelength:

    254 nm